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8 Reviews
Avatar of Woody C.

Woody C.

5 Stars Reviewed November 26, 2018

Relaxed environment with friendly staff. I think there are two doctors. When I got there I was informed they were running behind and so I got lunch came back and saw the doctor. All were very easy to talk to without any judgements. The doctor did give me the spill on lacking scientific data and possible addiction concerns but was friendly about it. I think it was a CYA thing and I took no offense. We do need more research and most things can be abused and lose effectiveness so good information. I highly recommend. Grin

Avatar of Tonya C.

Tonya C.

5 Stars Reviewed November 19, 2018

My appointment was at 9am got there about 845 was out by 10am they were nice and the dr was very thorough. Was a good expierence and will recommend

Avatar of Tracy H.

Tracy H.

5 Stars Reviewed September 7, 2018

I made an appointment online and paid $99 by PayPal. I checked in and was handed some forms to fill out- medical history and a form with many symptoms to check. I didn’t wait more than 10-15 minutes and I was in the dr ofc about 10 minutes. I have several diseases and chronic pain so I figured I wouldn’t have trouble getting a referral- and I didn’t.
He did surprise me at first by saying he hasn’t seen any scientific proof that it will help me. I told them I’ve had experience with mj before so not to worry about me. He signed my referral and told me to call if I had any questions at all. Overall a good quick experience!

Avatar of Doc N.

Doc N.

5 Stars Reviewed September 4, 2018

I drove all the way from Atoka where the Dr's are still in a cave and refuse to recommend..
All the questions were asked and answered, then the Dr. signed the form and I was off. The staff is super friendly.. Thank you leaf and Relief.

Avatar of R H.

R H.

5 Stars Reviewed August 24, 2018

Pretty much just paying for a signature. The Dr doesn't think its effective medicine but if you're already getting positive results from it and are using it responsibly he's happy to sign your recommendation. Good for patients that don't have insurance or a PCP or have run into a roadblock with your current health provider. Seems to be the cheapest deal in the metro area as of this posting.

Avatar of R H.

R H.

5 Stars Reviewed August 22, 2018

Got an appointment in three days after scheduling. Didn't need to bring anything but $99. Arrived about a half hour early. Only one other person before me. You fill out new patient forms like any other office. Was called back within a couple minutes of the scheduled time. Assistant takes vitals and asks if you're already using it and for what conditions you're using it for and how you use it. The doctor is really looking for if you've already found positive results and are using it responsibly. He'll tell you he doesn't believe it's effective medicine due to lack of research and warns you about the risks, mostly concerns about respiratory and cardiac effects of inhaled cannabis and potential for psychological addiction. With that being said he gives you your filled out form and you're out the door. A form was provided. As of this date in August 2018 this seems to be the best deal to get a recommendation in the OKC area if you're unable to see any other kind of doctor. Or for people whose doctors are refusing or prohibited from signing recommendations.

Avatar of Nathan I.

Nathan I.

5 Stars Reviewed August 13, 2018

My original appointment was set at 4:30PM; however, I wasn't called in by the nurse until roughtly around 7ish. She started by asking me why I'm needing a card, if I've used marijuana before, whether it was recreational or medically, how frequently I used it, how I felt when I used it (side-effects), and when I started using it.

The nurse jotted down the doctor's information (minus the signature) on my form. About 10 mins after she left the room, Doctor Robert Swicord came in. He basically asked me the same exact questions as the nurse, but ended with a speech over how marijuana has lead to people doing harder drus, and that it is physically addicting. He *personally* didn't recommend it to anyone; however, he signed off on my recommendation since I have had positive results in the past from it. I knew these things may have been things he was told to say, but the doctor was a nice person nonetheless. I would recommend Leaf & Relief to anyone. Wait time is the only issue I had. You wil be in and out in 30 mins or sless once you actually get called in!

Avatar of Josh B.

Josh B.

5 Stars Reviewed August 13, 2018

Here’s how it went down - when my name was finally called, they took me back and took my vitals. The nurse asked me if I have ever used marijuana before medicinally or recreationally. I stated that I had been def medicating for 10 years. She asks if marijuana has helped me, what conditions I use it for, and how specifically it has treated hose conditions. I state digenerative disc desease and anxiety as my reasons, and that it reduces pain/inflammation and helps me sleep. She then takes my payment and says the doctor will be in soon. The Doctor comes in and asks the same questions, then talks to be for a bit about the risks involved with smoking and the psychological addictive possibility of weed. He then states that while he isn’t really recommending I use it, since it is legal in Oklahoma now, I have the right to choose an alternative treatment for myself if I so choose I want to try it. I say yes please and thank you and that was that. :)