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We are Muskogee's 1st premier Medical Cannabis Dispensary to offer a variety of exceptional quality cannabis products with unmatched customer service.



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6 Reviews
Avatar of Glenda T.

Glenda T.

5 Stars Reviewed July 18, 2019

Co worker's are wonderful. Very knowledgeable.

Avatar of Shantel  G.

Shantel G.

5 Stars Reviewed December 24, 2018

Excellent staff, excellent product, excellent variety!! If u havent stopped by definitely recommend you do even to just say hi n check it out!!

Avatar of Shantel  G.

Shantel G.

5 Stars Reviewed December 23, 2018

Great staff and selction.. highly recomend that u stop in n say hi.

Avatar of Jo W.

Jo W.

5 Stars Reviewed December 12, 2018

This was the first dispensary I went into. I was so glad that one opened up in my area! They were fast and friendly! I do plan on returning!

Avatar of Michael B.

Michael B.

5 Stars Reviewed November 26, 2018

Looking for a good dispensary that can help with my illnesses and not looking to have to shop around from dispensary to dispensary looking for that life time hook up sick of the street dealer's been doing that for over 25 years tired of hearing it's the best and it's the weakest looking to sleep aid but also needing meds for chronic pain 4 back surgeries 6 levels destroyed in my neck looking at surgery in January plus Lupus and epilepsy sick of medicine with no medical value.. Trust, Loyalty, Respect and nothing but the best cannabis God bless you and your staff sincerely Michael Bennett

Avatar of lorie p.

lorie p.

5 Stars Reviewed November 10, 2018

Wonderful dispensary staffed by knowledgeable & friendly people who care deeply about the health & wellness of their customers. They have a nice variety of clones, dry flower, & seeds & catalogs in the waiting room that offer helpful information on the strains they have available. The waiting room is comfortable & the actual dispensary room is easily accessible from there while still being private & secure. Prices were on par with what most of the other dispensaries are charging, but the quality of the dry flower I purchase from there was leaps & bounds above what I've been getting from everywhere else. Highly impressed with everything but the parking, lol.