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12 Reviews
Avatar of Cary F.

Cary F.

5 Stars Reviewed May 8, 2019

I have several medical issues. When I walk in they are aware of which strains work best for me and they value my feedback. The are very educated and knowledgeable in the strawberry fields of flower and divine breakdowns to the purists forms to help us who suffer. Thank you for your kindness and doing everything that you do so well.

Avatar of Garrett e.

Garrett e.

5 Stars Reviewed December 22, 2018

Best prices in the state

Avatar of Brett T.

Brett T.

5 Stars Reviewed December 7, 2018

Pros: Knowledgeable. Friendly. Considerate.
Cons: shop is small, so you may have a wait if you go at a very busy time.

I’ve been here twice now. The first time, they offered to run through each strain, describing what they did. Most places have just say whether they’re sativa or indica, and that “sativa are for day use, indica are usually for night use”. These guys went into strain specifics, telling us how each would affect us.

Their prices are competitive, they let you price mix strains from the same price group, and overall provide a high level of service.

This place will likely be one of our two top places to get flower, and I look forward to seeing their inventory continue to grow (no pun intended).

Avatar of Dillon D.

Dillon D.

5 Stars Reviewed December 4, 2018

GO TO THIS DISPENSARY. Best prices, some of the best buds I've seen. The staff really do care about their patients. Once a CBD shop, this dispensary is hands down top 3 in Oklahoma. Please go see them

Avatar of Michele S.

Michele S.

5 Stars Reviewed November 26, 2018

This is my go to dispensary. Their prices are the cheapest and the product has been stellar! As I am an established customer, I can also call in my order ahead of time so it’s ready to go when I get there. They also offer a 10% veteran discount which is much appreciated.

Avatar of Clay B.

Clay B.

5 Stars Reviewed November 26, 2018

The staff was very friendly and helpful. Inside was organized and clean. Product smelled and looked good with very good prices compared to other dispensaries I've been to so far.

Avatar of David L.

David L.

5 Stars Reviewed November 21, 2018

Awesome awesome place. Cheap, quality product and helpful staff.

Avatar of John G.

John G.

5 Stars Reviewed November 20, 2018

The guys at Urban Wellness really work @ making you feel at ease, its a great atmosphere!

I have been around to check out a few other places, but I always wind up back here, Great prices and always a selection.

I am definitely recommending this place, and its worth the over hour drive (to me).

Avatar of Samuel V.

Samuel V.

5 Stars Reviewed November 19, 2018

This dispensary has knowledgeable staff as well as on site security so you'll can rest assured that you'll have a good experience. The product is always the best and they offer the lowest prices.

Avatar of Nicole D.

Nicole D.

5 Stars Reviewed November 19, 2018

I’m a bit of a newbie to all of this, plus an anxiety patient, so when I walked in the first time my heart was racing and I was terrified and about to turn for the door, but these guys are wonderful. They very kindly talked me through the process of finding something to try and just have a very caring and gentle touch to the whole process. It really helped to put me at ease. I have since been to a few others, but the friendliness and caring I get here is, so far, unmatched. Absolutely my favorite. I drive half an hour out of my way to visit.

Avatar of Stacy B.

Stacy B.

5 Stars Reviewed November 19, 2018

Very helpful and nice people. Would recommend this place to everyone.

Avatar of Alex C.

Alex C.

5 Stars Reviewed November 19, 2018

Place was really laid back. Walk in and all the medicine is available to see behind the counter. I handed my cards over for verification and they gave them back within one minute. I did not have to fill in some weird survey like I had to at other establishments, so that is a plus.

They always have 5 or 6 strains available to choose from. Prices for flower can not be beat. Currently, this place has the most going for it as far as bang for your buck. When people first get their cards, I bring them here. It’s a great starter dispensary.

They have the grams and eighths already weighed out and ready to go out the door. Something that I do not really care for. I like the novelty of having it weighed out in front of you while you shook the shit with the bud tender.

Speaking of bud tenders, they usually only have one present, so the wait times can get up there. But this doesn’t discourage me from coming back.

Overall, I would return to Urban Wellness and I recommend it to anyone who is just starting out. It is a great first dispensary.