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We are a small and locally owned Medical Cannabis Dispensary located at the foot hills of the Wichita Mountain's and Medicine Park, Oklahoma's 1st premier Dispensary to offer a variety of exceptional quality cannabis products along with consumption product's with unmatched customer service.



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1 Stars Reviewed June 23, 2019

Nasty shatter... Offered 10% discount on next visit. .. I will not use this product.. Taste like reclaim. Nasty.... Stay away from doctor feel good products nasty nasty
Owner hung up on me and was rude... Place smokes bad of cigarette smoke and
Also guy behind the counter didnt know anything about product and told me gummies not for sale just got them ... Didnt feel comfortable and I have been a few places and tried different concentrate shatter wax on that line and never tasted this nasty before .. Rude. Asked me like three time if I have my card of course I do or would not be here .. I should of ask them same thing.. Felt weirded ... Knew nothing about product ... Nasty nasty
10% doesnt replace product wont use .. Credit for amount spent makes more sense to me rude hang up on me .. I wasnt rude at all to him .. Thanks for helping me