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3 Reviews
Avatar of Melissa R.

Melissa R.

5 Stars Reviewed December 11, 2018

Very efficient. There was a line but everything went smoothly and quickly. Good product. They will reimburse you your $100 OMMA license application fee after your tenth visit.

Avatar of Anon Y.

Anon Y.

2 Stars Reviewed November 19, 2018

So far this has been my only experience with a dispensary and buying cannabis legally on the medical market in any state. That said, I've seen enough to know what to expect from a professional retail cannabis dispensary in 2018. Unfortunately, this place is quite a stretch from that ideal establishment.

Ok. Where to start...

Upon walking in you will notice that the entire sales floor is vacant save for a worn-out sofa and, I think, a coffee table. All it's missing is a bong full of dirty water and your two stoner buddies from high school and you'd feel like you were back to buying on the black market again. All the usable retail space is left conspicuously vacant, providing a large open waiting area with standing room only (I've never seen anyone use the couch..). Since there is no furniture or light music playing, the room is eerily quiet and every conversation is audible to everyone else in the space.

You will enter this empty space and usually find a small line facing what was probably the receptionist sliding window at a dentist office in this suite's former life. This is where you will interface with the staff and conduct your transaction. The line moves dreadfully slow as the two to three people working the window seem only able to focus on one patient at a time. From the loose buds and shake spilled all over the counter you would think the staff was rushing to fill orders to the point where they could not carefully portion out the medicine without making a mess. Though at the glacial pace of the transactions here, I'm not sure what their excuse is. With the owner frequently lamenting the $4000/lb price he is shelling out for flower, one has to wonder if this spilled product simply gets put back into the containers at the end of the night. All that said, in two visits I have yet to get in and out in less than a half hour.

They have a very cool policy whereby the owner will reimburse you your $100 OMMA license application fee after your tenth visit. This is a great incentive but, like many other things here, it feels a bit unofficial as your purchases are recorded on the receipt from your first purchase and you will need to bring that original receipt with you each subsequent visit to get all ten purchases validated.

Speaking of the owner, he seems to be a very nice guy and is always happy to chat with folks as they come and go from the establishment. In fact, all of the staff are very friendly, helpful, and seem to be knowledgeable about the product. Although, I'm not sure the THC percentages listed on their jars are anything more than the breeder or Leafly profile they've found online.

As far as the quality I was disappointed with the Stardawg I purchased my initial visit. Though, to their credit, this was the first day they were open and product was available in Tulsa. While it did have a noticeable effect, it was definitely not medical grade cannabis; the trichomes were almost nonexistent and what I did find were all crystal clear indicating she had been rushed to harvest. On top of that, the buds had an atrocious manicure, smelled grassy, and required additional re-hydration and curing before use. The second purchase I picked up a bag of Girl Scout Cookies. This was a much better product but, like Stardawg, was dry well below 50% humidity and required re-hydration for optimal use. Each visit I came out with my product in different packaging, both of which had a generic medical cannabis label that did not list the strain.

To sum up,

In spite of a great staff, this shop has a long way to go before it would be a go-to for me with all the competition that is sure to spring up. To that end, I hope to see Healthy Buds get some display cases out on the floor and viewing jars with magnifying glasses to examine the product before committing to a purchase. Obviously, once facilities are available, testing will be a must if HB wants to stay in the game for any length of time. Overall, the shop could also use some TLC to make it feel a bit more like a legitimate retail establishment and multiple POS stations would be helpful so more than one patient could be serviced at a time. I'm still hoping a lot of these negatives can be chalked up to growing pains and HB will get better as time goes on.

I wouldn't avoid this place entirely but do have your expectations appropriately set before you walk in the door. This is not the polished Apple store -esque dispensary you've been seeing on the news and in documentaries all these years, That being said, if you are in need of medicine don’t skip this place just because they aren't firing on all cylinders quite yet, as very few businesses are at this point. Sorry for the long-winded review. Hope you find it accurate and helpful.

Avatar of Rickey B.

Rickey B.

5 Stars Reviewed November 19, 2018

Super friendly staff. Knowledgeable, great conversation with the owner while waiting in line lol. Had a blast, can't wait to see where it goes.