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Why call ourselves 420 Main Dispensary? We wanted Muskogee to know not only where we are but what we represent. We are a Medical Cannabis dispensary located in the heart of Muskogee. Our superior Flowers come from 220 Farms LLC in Muskogee, so all product is grown locally. Our store will stock a variety of medicinal products to ensure that your cannabis needs are met so that you can finally find the relief you've been waiting for for so long. 420 Main Dispensary will offer both a private and a public division. The Private entrance will be separate from the main entrance and visits are by appointment only. We are here to serve you, the people of Oklahoma and we will always strive to have the highest quality Medical Cannabis available to meet your needs.



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1 Reviews
Avatar of Sherri J.

Sherri J.

5 Stars Reviewed October 21, 2019

This dispensary is by far my favorite. Wide variety of products and prices. The staff is very friendly and informed. The owners of the dispensary are very present in the community. Once patients receive the doctor recommendation, they bring required forms and 420 Main Dispensary will fill out their OMMA applications for patients for no charge. To my knowledge this is the only dispensary within 45 miles that offers this service for free.