Manhunt Continues After Thief Ingests 7 Marijuanas and Steals Girl Scout Cookies

Manhunt Continues

Be on the lookout! The police are searching for a man accused of stealing cookies from Girl Scouts selling outside a local WalMart.

A call was made to the non-emergency line approximately 7:15PM yesterday evening. The suspect was described as 5'10", approximately 180 pounds, with the bluest and reddest eyes ever seen.

We contacted the troop leader Mary Jane Green for comment, she had this to say: "Honestly he was really nice and seemed to be in a great mood, but a little absent minded."

Officer Plant was first on the scene. He noted the thief told the girl scouts that he already had OG Girl Scout Cookies at his house, but he was craving the kind from the box. It is unclear what, if anything, he was alluding to.

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