Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Articles, News, and Opinions

Find out the impact weed has on your memory when you're getting stoned. The short answer? It varies from person to person. Read More

Be advised: Suspect is described as laughing, hungry mess hellbent on eating as many snacks as possible. Read More

Understanding how medical marijuana interacts with your body is crucial for every medical patient. P.A. Murphy is back with part 1 of her series explaining the endocannabinoid system and how cannabinoids interact with it. Read More

Marijuana has been used medicinally for almost 5000 years. PA Murphy is back to give a brief history of marijuana, the cannabinoid system in humans, and how it was all discovered! Read More

P.A. Murphy opens up about her experiences with medical marijuana. She explains how she discovered how to medicate in a way that was best for her, what patients should begin looking for in order to improve, and the deeply personal nature of medicating with marijuana. Read More

Part 2 of P.A. Murphy's guide to shopping at a new dispensary. This installment covers what to expect at the dispensary, spotting a reputable dispensary, and many other gotchas and guidance for the first time buyer. Read More

Visiting a new dispensary can be intimidating for new patients and seasoned pros alike. Read our guide to best practices for shopping at a new dispensary written by P.A. Murphy! Read More

Are you kush-curious? Have you wanted to try medical marijuana, but didn't know where to start? OKKush.org has put together a comprehensive guide for newcomers to marijuana. This covers conditions helped by marijuana, what to expect from your doctors visit, and how to medicate as a newbie. Get top shelf information and begin your journey to using nature's medicine. Read More

Grinders are an under-rated smoking accessory. A lot of people skip using a grinder before a session because they don't know all of the benefits of grinding your weed before smoking it! Read on and discover why grinding your herb will increase your experience. Read More

Want a free gram? We're running contests until the end of 2018! Create an account and leave a review of your favorite doctor or dispensary! Each week we will choose a winner from people that posted a review that week! Read More

Discover different kinds of hand held pipes! Not all pipes are created equal and your smoking experience may determine which kind of pipe is best for you. Make sure to check out our favorite, the spoon! It's a versatile pipe that works great for newbies and smoking veterans of 20 years! Read More

Friendly fire is when two people come together and enjoy marijuana together. Sometimes they're strangers, sometimes they're best friends, but it's always unexpected and it's always great bonding. Read More

Most smokers will experiment with joints. They are a fun and easy way to consume cannabis on the go. They require no additional tools, produce easy to dispose of garbage, and can be shared among a group without any problems. Use these three tips to help you on your journey. Read More

'I'm freaking out, man!' A common stereotype, but if you use long enough, you'll eventually find yourself saying these exact words. What happens when you lose it, feel like you're going to die, and are filled with terror? Here is the scoop on everything you need to know about greening out, why it happens, and how to get through it. Read More

With the VA avoiding medical marijuana and cannabis recommendations, where can veterans turn in the OKC metro area for knowledgeable, experienced doctors? We've identified 3 clinics that are highly rated and provide access for veterans. Read More

Why do some people insist on working out while high? The benefits touted by advocates are varied and always sound exaggerated. Does marijuana really make your workouts more enjoyable? We went deep undercover to get to the truth. Read More

Veterans have sacrificed a lot for this country. Many medical marijuana and cannabis doctors near Tulsa provide veteran discounts to honor our heroes. Conditions afflicting veterans respond favorably with treatment of marijuana. Read More

Making special brownies is always a delight for a lover of baked goods such as myself. This handy tip will elevate you to a new level in your pursuit of pot! Read More

Cannabutter is the holy grail when it comes to cooking with weed. You can put it on toast, in your coffee, use it to make cookies and brownies. Follow our fool-proof guide to make what has become known as Cant Miss Cannabutter! Read More

Making edibles stinks up your house. Use this old secret to remove the invasive smell of weed. It only takes a few minutes and this useful tip will be helping you for years to come. Read More

We've all been there - breaking down weed left our fingers are sticky and smelling dank, but we have somewhere to be in 15 minutes! This simple trick cleans you up, gets rid of the smell, while giving you soft, exfoliated hands. Read More

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